Port of Vancouver Port Passes

Prepare your applicants before their arrival at BCTA


Why are Port Passes required?

Vancouver Fraser Port Authority (VFPA) has chosen Port Passes as the means for marine facility operators to comply with Transport Canada security regulations, which require identification of all individuals on marine facility property at any given time. Port Passes include a prox chip that can be programmed to allow entry into specific areas.

You must also have a Marine Transportation Security Clearance (TSC) in addition to a Port Pass if you need access Ballantyne Pier or Canada Place cruise ship terminals. Click here for more information on TSC and instructions for how to apply. (Note: You cannot obtain a TSC until after you have a Port Pass.)

Follow these steps to obtain or replace your Port Pass:
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Get your Port Pass at the BC Trucking Association

Truck drivers or anyone driving a motor vehicle with a gross vehicle weight of 5,000 kg or more must obtain their Port Pass from the British Columbia Trucking Association (BCTA). BCTA is also responsible for issuing Port Passes to all courier companies, bus companies and all suppliers to motor carriers (e.g., mobile vehicle repair services or towing companies).

The TLS licensing system applies only to container trucking companies. For more information on TLS click here or call 604-665-9333. 

If your company has a TLS Licence from VFPA a sponsorship letter is not required.

If your company does NOT have a TLS Licence your company must obtain sponsorship.

Sponsorship is established via a confirmation letter from a VFPA terminal or designated port customers, click here to view a sample. Generally, sponsors require companies to make requests for sponsorship letters in writing or by email. Some sponsors also request a list of persons who will be applying for Port Passes.

Requests for sponsorship letters for your company are made by directly contacting the terminal or port customer that your company will be doing business with.

Requesting Port Passes from BCTA

BCTA will only accept Port Pass requests from sponsored companies or companies/independent operators with a TLS license fromVFPA.

All requests for a new Port Pass or adding and deleting a Port Pass must be submitted on this form.  Save a copy of the form to your computer and use as an attachment in your email to  portpass@bctrucking.com. The communication must be sent by an authorized company signatory. 

Each name on this list must be the applicant's legal name and exactly match the applicant's application form and identification. Do not use nicknames or short forms.  All fields must be filled in.

Indicate how payment will be made. BCTA accepts cash, debit, Visa and MasterCard. Invoicing can be pre-arranged.

Incomplete requests will not be processed.

BCTA cannot process an application before we have received authorization for each applicant.


What are the company responsibilities with respect to Port Passes?

Although Port Passes are issued to individuals, companies are required to inform the issuing agency (in this case BCTA) of any change in contractor/employment status. If a security incident arises on Port property and the company has not informed BCTA about the change in contractor/employment, VFPA will contact the company and conduct an investigation.

Any additions or deletions to the authorized company list must be communicated to BCTA.  Complete this form, email to portpass@bctrucking.com.

The communication must be sent by an authorized company signatory. 

Failure to do so will result in your Pass being confiscated by Port of Vancouver.

Note: It may take up to 72 hours for the terminal to act on the changes.

What do I need to get a Port Pass

  1. A sponsored company must provide permission, using this form, to BCTA for you by email at portpass@bctrucking.com.
  2. Complete an application form online.  The same application form must be used to support the issuance of a replacement  Port pass
  3. Bring one piece of government issued picture identification.

Your identification must match the name on the company sponsorship letter.

Driver’s License

BC Identification Card

Canadian Passport

FAST membership card

Nexus card

Other Canadian government issued photo ID

Non-Canadian government issued photo ID

  1. Apply in person at 100 - 20111 93A Avenue, Langley BC Hours:  9:00 - 4:30 Monday - Friday - drop in only

How much does a Port Pass cost?

Port Passes are $100 (including taxes) for BCTA non-members and $75 (including taxes) for BCTA members.  Make payments directly to BCTA in cash, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, debit card, cheque, alternatively, invoicing can be arranged.  Please check with your company.

What if I change companies?

Your new company must inform the BCTA Office of your legal name, the company name and your Port Pass number. 

Your company must complete this form and email the form to portpass@bctrucking.com

Failure to do so will result in your Pass being confiscated by VFPA.

Note: It may take up to 72 hours for the terminal to act on the changes.

What if my Port Pass is confiscated?

Your Port Pass will be confiscated if company sponsorship information is not kept up to date when you change companies. If your Port Pass is confiscated, the security guard will send the Pass with an incident report explaining the situation to the VFPA. Once the Port receives the report and confirms there is no security breach, the Port will return the Pass to BCTA. Call the BCTA office in advance to confirm whether your Port Pass has arrived.

BCTA will be able to return your Pass to you when your new company completes this form and emails the form to portpass@bctrucking.comBCTA must receive notification in order to reactivate your Port Pass.

Note: A fee of $30 for members and $45 for non-members handling fee for a confiscated Port Passes must be paid before your Port Pass is returned .

I have lost my Port Pass

You must contact BCTA by phone at 604-888-5319 or you can email portpass@bctrucking.com.  Report your name, your Port Pass number and your telephone number as soon as possible.

If a Port Pass needs to be replaced, there is an additional charge.  You must return to the BCTA Office, fill out a replacement application form, your identification can be re-verified, and a new picture taken.

To address Transport Canada concerns relating to the number of lost Port Passes reported and encourage better safekeeping of this government credential, the Vancouver Fraser Port Authority is implementing a new recovery fee for a replacement Port Pass as of July 1, 2016.

The new “Lost Port Pass” fee schedule is as follows:

  • First lost Port Pass: $60

  • Second lost Port Pass: $100

  • Third lost Port Pass and each lost Port Pass thereafter: $150 plus an interview with VFPA

Drivers who lose a Port Pass three times – and for each lost Port Pass thereafter during the five-year period the pass is valid – must participate in an interview with VFPA in addition to paying the $150 fine. VFPA will be collecting statistics during the first year of this initiative to determine if additional, non-monetary measures are warranted after July 2017.

Please note:

  • Lost Port Pass fees are applicable over the five-year life of the Port Pass.

  • Drivers must pay the Lost Port Pass fee prior to receiving a replacement pass.

  • Other administrative charges relating to the reissuance of a driver’s Port Pass may apply – please contact the Port Pass publishing agency for further information. For a list of these agencies and their contact information, click here.

VFPA will hold individual drivers responsible for lost Port Passes.

In addition, drivers are now responsible for returning any Port Passes not in use or expired to the publishing agency listed on the bottom of their Passes. Companies are not responsible for collecting Port Passes from former employees or current drivers who may no longer service the Port and should withdraw sponsorship immediately from these Port Pass holders by contacting the publishing agency via e-mail.

Click here for a VFPA notice for distribution to your drivers.

For more information, please visit portvancouver.com/portpass or contact the VFPA MTSC/Port Pass Office at 604-665-9661

My Port Pass has been stolen

Report the theft to Port Security using this form. Contact BCTA by phone at 604-888-5319 or you can email portpass@bctrucking.com.  Report your name, your Port Pass number and your telephone number as soon as possible.  

If your Port Pass needs to be replaced, there is an additional charge.  Fill out a replacement application form,  bring your identification to the BCTA office to be re-verified, and a new picture taken.

Note: Before your Port Pass can be replaced VFPA requires you provide the RCMP with the details of the theft so an RCMP file number can be issued. BCTA must be provided with the RCMP file number before a replacement Port Pass is issued.

How to renew my Port Pass

You will need to fill out an application form, bring your Port Pass back to BCTA, provide ID, have your picture retaken and payment made by you or your company (please check with your company).

To renew your Port Pass you must be sponsored by a company.


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