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On September 22, 2023, on behalf of the BCTA Heavy Haul Committee, BCTA requested that the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure (MoTI) revise their manned-steering dollies policy to include the use of self-steering and remote-steering dollies in the province.

Specifically, BCTA requested an amendment to MoTI’s manned-steering dolly policy to allow carriers to use self-steering or remote-steering dollies in the Province of BC under the same loads, configurations, and conditions as those provided under the manned-steering dolly policy.

Dollies are widely used across North America and through demonstration projects with BCTA members and MoTI over the past decade, it has been confirmed that self-steering and remote-steering dollies offtrack in a manner consistent with that of a manned-steering dolly. Furthermore, due to industry safety concerns associated with operating a manned-steering dolly (e.g., the employee’s safety in the cab of a manned-steering dolly), industry has by and large phased out the use of antiquated manned-steering dollies in the province of BC and has moved to using the newer and much safer technology of self- and remote-steering dollies.

The BCTA Heavy Haul Committee consists of 28 companies, which includes 25 heavy haul carriers, Manufactured Housing Association of BC, and two heavy haul trailer suppliers.

Due to the safety concerns raised and limited number of carriers in the province that continue to operate manned-steering dollies, BCTA and its Heavy Haul Committee is requesting that this policy amendment come into force in an expeditious manner, and that no phase in period be applied.


Please contact Cory Paterson, BCTA Vice President.

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