Workplace Drug and Alcohol Training for Supervisors

Workplace Drug and Alcohol Training for Supervisors

This half-day certification course designed for managers and supervisors outlines your roles and responsibilities under a company drug and alcohol program.

The Workplace Drug & Alcohol Course will educate attendees to identify alcohol and drug use and its impacts in the workplace.  The course includes information on the physical, behavioral, speech and performance indicators of probable drug and alcohol use, the US regulatory requirements, and other responsibilities in implementing a company policy.

The US Department of Transportation (US DOT), Federal Highway Administration, stipulates that all persons designated to supervise drivers must be trained to regulation standards.  The program is designed to meet and exceed the regulatory requirements of 49 CFR, part 382.603(a) issued by the US DOT.

Attendees will learn how to recognize alcohol and drug usage among employees and how to better deal with these issues.  Topics covered will include:

  • Overview of alcohol & drug use and their impacts in the workplace
  • How to identify alcohol and drug use in the workplace
  • Legal implications
  • Employer responsibilities
  • Challenges supervisors and co-workers face and how to overcome them
  • How to manage employees who may be experiencing issues with alcohol and/or drugs

Any company personnel who are in regular contact with employees in safety-sensitive positions will benefit from this course, including safety and driver supervisors, maintenance managers and supervisors, and dispatchers.  Workplace Drug and Alcohol Training for Supervisors provides essential education that will help companies, through their supervisors, overcome the many challenges they will face when implementing their drug and alcohol policies.

Attendees should come prepared to share their experiences at their workplaces.  A certificate will be presented at the end of the session.

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Past Dates

2:00 - 5:00 pm
BCTA Classroom, 20111 93A Avenue, Langley, BC

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