Next Generation Leadership Communications Program

Next Generation Leadership Communications Program

BCTA Classroom
20111 93A Avenue, Langley, BC

The Program

The Next Generation Leadership Communications Program is an intensive leadership development program designed for the next generation of leaders in the transportation industry.  New and future leaders of BCTA member companies are invited to participate in this four-module certificate program.  A minimum five years of management experience is recommended for program participants.

The objective of this program is to help participants to build influential communication skills that can be used both inside and outside their organizations.  Throughout the program, participants will apply what they are learning through facilitated discussions, role-plays, and videotaped feedback from the instructor.  The goal is leadership in all interactions.

By the end of this program, participants will be able to:

1)   Approach all communication with the intent to engage their audiences and inspire action;

2)   Organize their thinking to create clarity and focus in their communication;

3)   Project a dynamic and authentic executive presence in all situations;

4)   Communicate clearly and listen well in impromptu and challenging conversations; and

5)   Lead and attend meetings with the intent to drive action.


The Humphrey Group

The Next Generation program sessions are facilitated by The Humphrey Group, a Canadian leadership development firm.  The Humphrey Group focuses on fostering leadership in its clients by strengthening their ability to communicate in a way that influences others and inspires action.  We are pleased to partner with The Humphrey Group to deliver a program that addresses the need to build and enhance leadership skills within our members' organizations.



In this first module, participants will learn the fundamentals of the program and a guiding methodology that will enable them to approach communication with the intent to lead. They will be introduced to a framework for clear, action-focused communication that can be used in all situations.

This module looks at the connection between leadership and communication. Participants will strengthen their ability to consistently:

  • Approach communication with the intent to inspire action;
  • Consider the needs of their audience;
  • Organize their thinking in a clear, structured manner;
  • Speak with clarity and conviction in every interaction;
  • Communicate a powerful message that reflects their leadership thinking;
  • Support their message using a clear, logical structure;
  • Close with a clear call to action; and
  • Plan effectively for critical conversations.

Each participant will create an outline for an upcoming talk or presentation they need to deliver. The instructor will provide appropriate feedback.



When leaders speak, whether formally or informally, it is often said that they have presence.  But what exactly is presence?  Presence is a quality that we ascribe to people who can connect with us and hold our attention.  This ability to draw the audience in and create a connection is essential for leaders whether in one-on-one conversation or a formal speaking opportunity.

In this module, participants will learn to engage their audiences with a natural, authentic presence.  Participants will strengthen their ability to:

  • Project executive presence in all situations;
  • Show confidence using strong body language;
  • Make effective use of eye contact;
  • Speak at an appropriate pace; and
  • Use varied expression and tone.

Each participant will deliver a short talk and receive individual, videotaped coaching both on content and their delivery.



Every day, employees at all levels have opportunities to lead by shaping the way people think and act.

These “leadership moments” are found not in formal presentations but in everyday conversations; including project updates, impromptu meetings and even challenging interactions. Today’s leaders must learn to capitalize on these opportunities.

In this module, participants strengthen their ability to:

  • Think on their feet and influence others in challenging one-on-one conversations;
  • Shape conversations by being clear in their thinking and actively listening; and
  • Diffuse challenging conversations by using active listening techniques.

Participants will role-play difficult conversations where they must inspire action and shape the thinking of their audience. They will receive feedback from the instructor.



Meetings are an essential component of everyday business for today’s leader.

In these meetings, leaders must consistently be skilful communicators. Effective leaders recognize that though meetings serve many purposes, they are ultimately best used as a forum to drive action.

Meetings are leadership opportunities and should consciously be approached as such.

This module will show participants how to:

  • Meet with the intention to inspire action;
  • Organize their thinking ahead of time;
  • Prepare a message-driven agenda;
  • Lead in each stage of a meeting - before, during and after; and
  • Enter the discussion the right way.

Participants will each prepare and deliver the opening remarks for an upcoming meeting. Feedback from the instructor will be provided.

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Upcoming Dates

8:30 am - 12:00 noon
Member price: $450.00

Past Dates

8:30 am - 12:00 noon
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