Cargo Securement

Cargo Securement

This full-day training is based on Standard 10 of the National Safety Code and follows the requirements of enforcement officers as well as drivers and carriers. Participants will learn how to apply the securement requirements in the Standard, how to safely load and secure specific types of commodities and how to inspect a secured load for compliance with the Standard. Following this standard places drivers in compliance with provincial, federal and US regulations.

BCTA Training Room
100 - 20111 93A Avenue, Langley, BC

Topics cover the full standard and expectation of the rules, intent and various types of securement devices, methods and commodities, including:

- Fundamentals of Cargo Securement

- General Cargo Securement Requirements

- The Securement System

- Containing, Immobilizing, and Securing Cargo

- Inspection Requirements

- All commodities specified by the standard

- Appendix A (Working Load Limits for unmarked tiedowns) and B (glossary)

- Enforcement expectations and processes

Participants will be provided with the current version of Practical Cargo Securement Guidelines for Drivers, Carriers and Shippers published by CVSA.

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