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Hand Sanitizer

Hand Sanitizer

  • Vericlean 60ml 
  • Non-scented
  • 70% Isopropyl Alcohol by Vol

Please call 604-888-5319 to order as our quantity is limited.

$2.00 each


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Essential Service Decal

Decal is 24" x 18" Full Colour Digital print with gloss laminate.

This vehicle is considered an essential service.
Doing our part to keep the food supply chain moving.
Huge thanks to all our staff

Product # 537

Available only while supplies last!

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Bill of Lading

Straight Bill of Lading Short Form. 25 Triplicate Sets/pad

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DVD Program - Defensive Driving

Defensive Driving for CMV Drivers – DVD Training Program

This DVD training program is designed to help drivers intentionally drive in such a way as to reduce the risk of an accident. After completing the course drivers will be able to:

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Master Driver: Air Brakes – DVD Training Program

The DVD training program provides knowledge information to augment company training. It covers important information drivers need to know about air brakes such as: fundamentals of air brake techniques, mechanics and operation, helping drivers avoid crashes, liability and down time.

Program Components(BCTA Product # 3268)

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DVD Program - Emergency Maneuvers

Emergency Maneuvers: Driver Training Series - DVD Training Program

This DVD training program teaches emergency situation prevention through hazard perception skills and situational pre-planning. Emergency situations occur in the blink of an eye. Unfortunately, that doesn’t give drivers much time to react, much less think about the best approach to take. In Emergency Maneuvers, drivers are reminded that evasive driving skills need to be developed and continually refined. So when hazards appear, making the correct choice is second nature.

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Vehicle Inspections: Tractor Trailers DVD Training Program

This DVD training program helps motor carriers and drivers remain in compliance with the FMCSA regulations and avoid costly breakdowns due to equipment failure. After using this program drivers will know how to perform each of the three types of inspections, when each inspection needs to be performed and the importance of performing these inspections every time.

Program Components(BCTA Product # 3266)

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DVD Program - Extreme Weather: Driver Training

Extreme Weather: Driver Training Series DVD Program

This DVD training program helps reduce incidents and crashes due to weather hazards by demonstrating to your drivers what to do when bad weather strikes. It discusses techniques for handling a variety of dangerous and potentially deadly weather conditions such as: fog, rain, snow, ice and wind.

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CSA: Know the BASICs DVD Training Program

This DVD Training provides an overview of the FMCSA’s Compliance, Safety, and Accountability (CSA) program. It helps drivers understand what CSA is and what it means to them and their carrier. The training covers the seven BASICs (Behavior Analysis Safety Improvement Categories) used in the CSA Safety Measurement System (SMS) such as: Unsafe driving, HOS compliance, driver fitness, controlled substances and alcohol, vehicle maintenance, hazardous materials and crash indicators.

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DVD Program - Distracted Driving

Distracted Driving DVD Training Program

This DVD training is designed to change distracted driving habits and help professional drivers deal with dangerous habits of others and themselves. Topics include: Types of distractions such as texting and technology, inattention blindness, steps to avoid distracted driving, recognizing the signs of other distracted motorists, and what not to do when sharing the road with distracted drivers.

Program Components(BCTA Product #3263)

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