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DVD - US Hours of Service

DVD Program - US Hours of Service

Hours of Service Rules for Property-Carrying CMV Drivers – DVD Training Program

This DVD training program addresses the current HOS rules and includes critical information regarding the ELD mandate and how HOS compliance impacts CSA scores.

Program ComponentsProduct #3260

  • 1-26 Minute Video
  • 1-Trainer Tools CD – Includes a PowerPoint presentation that can be used as is or customized, along with learning activities, quiz with answer key, images, training certificate and a training log.
  • 1-Trainer Guide - Outlines the key points and guidelines covered in the video, training objectives and methods to help trainers create effective and memorable training sessions.
  • 10-Driver Handbooks – Handy post-training takeaway that summarizes the key points covered in the video that drivers can store in their truck and reference when needed.

DVD Main Menu

  • Play Program – Plays entire main program.
  • Chapter Selections – Allows easy access to specific sub-topics for more focused training.
  • Introduction
  • The Limits – 14 hour (on duty) limit, 11 hour (driving) limit, 60/70 hour (on duty) limit & mandatory break provision (8 hour driving limit).
  • Record of Duty Status – ELD mandate, harassment or coercion of drivers prohibited. Required components and retention.
  • Exceptions –Mandatory break provision, 100 air-mile radius, 150 air-mile radius (non-CDL short-haul), 16 hour short haul, sleeper berth, adverse and emergency driving conditions, electronic logging devices (ELDs) & other exceptions.
  • Conclusion
  • Bonus Materials – Note to trainer video – total running time approximately 4 minutes, 10 question quiz (interactive), total time is approximately 10 minutes.
  • Bonus Videos – ELD basics, exceptions to the HOS rules and how to fill out paper logs.

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