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DVD - Extreme Weather

DVD Program - Extreme Weather: Driver Training

Extreme Weather: Driver Training Series DVD Program

This DVD training program helps reduce incidents and crashes due to weather hazards by demonstrating to your drivers what to do when bad weather strikes. It discusses techniques for handling a variety of dangerous and potentially deadly weather conditions such as: fog, rain, snow, ice and wind.

This program covers a critical safety topic and keeps your driver's attention with dramatic footage, dynamic graphics, 3-D animation, and “Pro Driving Tips” commentary from seasoned transport pros.

Program Components(BCTA Product #3265)

  • 1-21 Minute DVD – Combines engaging video and editing technology with expertise from industry professionals at all levels.
  • 1-Traner Guide – Provides information on how to develop, organize, and conduct effective emergency maneuvers training sessions.
  • 10-Driver Skills Cards – Recaps the key points from the training program and serves as a reference tool for drivers to use either before or after the training session.

DVD Main Menu

  • Play Program – Plays entire main program.
  • Chapter Selections – Allows easy access to specific subtopics for more focused training.
  • Preparation – Discusses the key factor in making sure your vehicle is in top condition by performing a complete and thorough pre-trip vehicle inspection.
  • Fog – Reviews the most common visibility problem and strategies for dealing with it.
  • Wind – Reviews the effect strong winds have on your ability to maintain control of your vehicle and strategies for dealing with windy conditions.
  • Snow – Reviews how falling and blowing snow contribute to reduced visibility and reduced traction, and strategies for dealing with both issues.
  • Ice – Reviews why icy roads account for the slickest of driving conditions and why black ice is the most dangerous hazard. Reviews clues to watch for to know when ice may be forming, and strategies for dealing with icy conditions.
  • Conclusion

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