Looking for Refrigerated Services

Established companies shipping perishable products of all types may already know exactly what to look for in a transportation company that provides refrigerated services. If you are new to the industry, however, or have concerns about your current carrier, it pays to understand the importance of working with people who can demonstrate expertise in transporting food and other perishable items safely and reliably.

Responsible companies offering refrigerated (or “reefer”) services invest in staff training, equipment cleaning and maintenance, and follow best practices to ensure your shipments arrive on time, at the right temperature, without any breaks in the transportation chain that might threaten the quality and safety of your shipment.

The following BCTA Refrigerated Services flyers cover common areas of concern for shipping perishable products, and some questions to ask a transporter: 

For regulations regarding food safety and inspection, see the Canadian Food Inspection Agency website, the Safe Food for Canadians Act, and the US Food and Drug Administration Food Safety Modernization Act

Associations such as the Canadian Produce Marketing Association and those representing specific commodities may also have resources available.  The North American Produce Transportation Working Group has detailed documents identifying best practices for shippers, carriers and receivers. 

Our Information for Shippers flyers also provide advice about working with transporters generally.

If you have questions, don’t hesitate to ask your transporter.  Companies who take pride in their work will understand your concerns and welcome the opportunity to explain their services.