Chartering a Motor Coach


Hiring a motor coach for your trip can be a big responsibility. Learning a few details beforehand will ensure that you choose the right company and guarantee a safe and enjoyable journey for your group.

To help you in your search, BCTA has compiled information flyers that cover the most common areas of concern for travel agencies, recreation and social groups, schools, and others who'd like to charter a motor coach, as well as some items that you might not think to ask about.

The flyers are available in PDF format for you to download:

If you have questions about details that aren't covered, don't hesitate to ask the company that you'd like to do business with. Most are happy to provide you with the information you need to decide whether you'd like to charter a coach and driver with them.

You will also find helpful information about working with a motor coach company on the website of Motor Coach Canada (MCC), the national professional association for motor coach operators. All BCTA member companies are also members of MCC.