SPRING DINNER MEETING, hosted by BCTA’s Associate Executive Committee

SPRING DINNER MEETING, hosted by BCTA’s Associate Executive Committee

Coast Hotel & Convention Centre
20393 Fraser Hwy, Langley City, BC

The BCTA Associate Dinner Meeting is open to all members and features a delicious dinner, time to network with fellow members in a comfortable setting, an informative business presentation, and overview reports on the achievements and goals of the association and Associate Executive Committee.

Guest Speaker: Myrthee Blanco, Senior Director, Insurance Corporation of BC

Myrthee Blanco is an insurance executive with over 20 years of experience in B2C and B2B2C programmes. She joined ICBC in July 2018 as Senior Director of Product & Customer Strategy, overseeing the product management and customer experience teams. Prior to that, Myrthee was working in the private sector in Europe, in fast moving, high growth entrepreneurial environments.

Telematics Pilot Project for New Drivers

ICBC is taking the next step forward into telematics research with a new pilot—this time inviting as many as 7,000 Class 5 drivers with less than five years of experience to see how telematics technology can improve their driving and make BC roads safer.

In BC, new drivers are 5.6 times more at risk of getting into a crash and for that crash to be severe, than those with 20 years of driving experience. This risk gradually decreases as new drivers gain more experience. This pilot is an opportunity to assess if telematics can measurably improve driver behaviour and help offset that impact in the future by decreasing this demographic's risk of being in a crash.

Results from the first telematics pilot earlier this year that focused on the technology's usability found that over 40 per cent of participants saw improvements in their driving by using the technology, and nearly three-quarters recommended that ICBC explore its use further—particularly for inexperienced drivers. The results from the pilot will help inform whether a longer-term telematics program should be implemented for more ICBC customers.

BCTA and Associate Annual Reports

The evening will also feature reports on the achievements and goals of the association and work of the BCTA Associate Executive Committee, including:

  • Introduction of BCTA Associate Executive Committee
  • 2019 BCTA Calendar of Events
  • BCTA Event, Membership, Scholarship and Status Reports

BCTA Operating Members

You’re welcomed too! Share an evening of great food, information, networking and camaraderie with fellow members.


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