SPRING DINNER, hosted by BCTA’s Associate Executive Committee

SPRING DINNER, hosted by BCTA’s Associate Executive Committee

Eaglequest at Coyote Creek Golf Club
7778 152nd Street, Surrey, BC

The BCTA Associate Dinner Meeting is open to all members and features a delicious dinner, time to network with fellow members in a comfortable setting, an informative business presentation, and overview reports on the achievements and goals of the association and Associate Executive Committee.


Guest Speaker: Ela Lukowska, Biofuel Project Manager, City of Surrey

Surrey’s Biofuel Facility officially opened March 2018 in the Port Kells industrial area. The $68 million facility is the first fully integrated closed-loop organic waste management system in North America. The facility will convert curbside organic waste into renewable biofuel to fuel the City’s fleet of natural gas powered waste collection and service vehicles. Under this closed loop system, waste collection trucks will literally be collecting their fuel source at curbside. Excess fuel will go to the new district energy system that heats and cools Surrey’s City Centre.

The Biofuel Facility will be instrumental in reducing community-wide greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by approximately 49,000 tonnes per year, which is the equivalent of taking over 10,000 cars off the road annually. This reduction in greenhouse gas emissions will also completely eliminate the City of Surrey’s corporate carbon footprint of 17,000 tonnes per year.


BCTA and Associate Annual Reports:

Association and Associate Executive Committee reports include:

  • Introduction of Associate Executive Committee

  • BCTA 2018 Calendar of Events

  • BCTA Event Reports

  • BCTA Membership Report

  • BCTA Scholarship Report

  • BCTA Association Status Reports

  • TRUXPO 2018 Update

  • BCTA Board of Directors Report

  • BCTA 2017/18 Status Report


BCTA Operating Members:

You’re invited! Share an evening of great food, information, networking and camaraderie with fellow members.


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Past Dates

5:30 pm
Eaglequest at Coyote Creek Golf Club, 7778 152nd Street, Surrey, BC