Meals for Truckers: Quick Tips for Users


Want to add your comfort services for truck drivers to the map? Nominate a Highway Hero? Sponsor a food truck? We've got quick tips for you!

Meals for Truckers is easy to use. Explore the site, or see the following tips for users:

Put yourself on the map: Adding a food truck, truck-friendly restaurant/take out, hotel or other services for trucks and drivers?

1. Create an account on this page:

2. Choose Add Place and fill out details about your listing on the form that appears. Click Submit Listing and you're done. 

Nominate a Highway Hero (please do!):

1. Fill out the nomination form (no account needed):

2. Click Submit. Please share on social media once the nomination is up. #ThankATrucker is a good hashtag to use.

Sponsor a food truck:

1. Read about how sponsorship works, then fill out the application form:

2. Click Submit. We'll get back to you asap.

Thank you to the extremely generous companies and individuals coming forward to help #feedatrucker! We’ve experienced an incredible level of sponsorship from day 1 of this initiative. Since its launch in early April, Meals for Truckers distributed more than 4,000 sponsored, free meals for professional truck drivers - some welcome news during the COVID-19 state of emergency.


If you can’t otherwise help, sharing links to,
Highway Heroes, and the Meals for Truck Drivers BC Facebook
page counts for a lot. Help us get the word out, so professional
truck drivers know how highly fellow Canadians value their work
and commitment.

#feedatrucker  #ThankATrucker