Hotels & other Resources for Truck Drivers


BCTA is compiling a list of hotels and other resources for trucks drivers as we receive them.  Many have special rates for drivers, or provide short term room booking for a rest & shower. 

Most resources are in BC, but we've got offers coming in from other provinces as well. Please see Hotels Reach Out to Trucking for details.

The Canadian Trucking Alliance has a list from across Canada, click here for this one.

And have a look at Meals for Truck Drivers BC for food trucks at card locks as well as offers from other restaurants providing take out (or delivery) & washroom access, often with truck parking available.  We continue to receive sponsorship offers for food truck meals - keep an eye out for announcements about complimentary meals for truck drivers on site and at the @feedatrucker Facebook page above.

Thank you & take care out there! Remember to check back for updates.