Application Forms Available: CleanBC Heavy-duty Vehicle Efficiency Program


Applications for the CleanBC Heavy-duty Vehicle Efficiency (HDVE) Program Incentives open January 25, 2021, but the application forms are now available so you can start preparing your submission.

The Program Guide provides additional details about program requirements and how BCTA processes applications for incentives. Note that successful completion of the CleanBC HDVE Program Course is required for BCTA to consider your application.


The CleanBC HDVE Program consists of two components: (1) a pre-requisite course for fleets on fuel management and fuel-efficiency devices, and (2) incentives for investing in certified strategies - including a wide range of equipment and devices, as well as driver training - at rebates from 30 to 50 percent. 

CleanBC HDVE Program Course

The free, pre-requisite CleanBC HDVE Program Course describes the benefits from using different fuel-saving technologies and practices. It also teaches participants how to develop a Fuel Management Program for any size fleet (from one truck to many), incorporating measures to improve fuel economy based on what will work best for each operation. It will also show how to develop a baseline of fuel consumption and track progress as part of the company’s program.

Click here to visit the BCTA Calendar and sign up. 

CleanBC HDVE Program Incentives

Upon successful completion of the course, participants are eligible to apply for CleanBC HDVE Program Incentives, featuring rebates on the purchase and installation of qualifying fuel-saving equipment for tractors and trailers. For the second round of the program, we’ve increased the Incentive amount to $15,000 per vehicle, up from $10,000, leaving the maximum amount per fleet at $100,000. As well, the HDVE Program now allows additional time for successful participants to meet installation requirements: 65 days for retrofits (from 45 days) and 120 days for new equipment (from 90 days).

See the full list of approved equipment and fuel-efficient driver training here: CleanBC HDVE Program Incentives: Qualifying Equipment & Rebates

For successful course participants, applications for Incentives open January 25, 2021, and close February 5, 2021.


To be eligible to participate, companies must have one or more heavy-duty commercial vehicles in their fleet (a vehicle with a gross vehicle weight greater than 11,794 kg) that is licensed and insured to operate in British Columbia, conducts business in British Columbia, and has a terminal located in British Columbia.

Interested fleets are encouraged to sign up as soon as possible. As with the first round, BCTA will be ensuring that funding is allocated equitably among successful applicants by region. Although BCTA is a member-based organization, there is no requirement to belong to the association to participate in the CleanBC HDVE Program.