Bulk Water Truck Operator

Job Number
Category Class 1 or 3 drivers w/air
Position Bulk Water Truck Operator
Company Wetdown Water Services
Job Description

Wetdown Water System Operator: Job description for Tandem Axil Bulk Water Truck Operator



Class 3 Driver

Job Title          

Bulk Water Truck Operator, Entry Level

Job Description

Job Summary: The Class 3 Water Truck Operator (Entry Level) is responsible for delivering bulk non-potable water to construction site, film Industry locations, as well as to residential properties, safely and efficiently. The particulars of the job sites determines the services that are to be delivered. The productivity of the driver (including effectiveness, efficiency and safety) is critical for overall fleet productivity, to ensure that services are made to customers without delays or incidents. The Water Truck Operator reports directly to the Dispatcher.

Working Conditions: The Water Truck Operator (Entry Level) must be able to work under the following conditions:

  • Adhere to all applicable laws, rules, regulations, policies and procedures (both governmental and fleet-specific)
  • Work 40 Hours a week, Monday to Sunday, and the occasional evening shift
  • Efficient and safe delivery of services to clients in the lower Mainland
  • Extended periods of time in vehicle may be required
  • Physical demands associated with periods of standing and sitting; bending, crouching, stooping; frequent lifting of moderately heavy items (up to 50 lb/23 kg)
  • Mental demands associated with solo driving and safe construction site operation of a motor vehicle
  • Operate the vehicle and possibly work in all types of weather
  • High level of distraction on urban routes
  • High demand for accuracy, efficiency and safety


Skills and Qualifications

Skills and Qualifications

Skills: The Water Truck Operator (Entry Level) regularly performs the following duties and responsibilities:

Working with people and equipment:

  • Relate and interact with others in the workplace, including co-workers and customers
  • Communicate in the workplace - Including written, verbal, non-verbal (e.g., hand signals) communications
  • Operate computer and electronic devices - Including routing, mileage and mapping software; GPS; cellular phones; radios; data-entry devices and tracking devices


Planning and operational skills:

  • Plan work, plan site specific equipment needs, plan routes and solve problems
  • Conduct daily vehicle inspections, basic weekly truck maintenance          
  • Operate vehicle air brake system
  • Fill and Operate Bult Water Truck in a Safe and Efficient manner



  • Practice defensive driving techniques
  • Practice fuel efficient driving
  • Load, Operate, Dispense, and Park Bulk Water Truck as directed


Qualifications:  The incumbent Water Truck Operator Driver must:

  • Possess a valid Class 3 Commercial Driver’s Licence and Air Brake Endorsement
  • Provide proof of clear driving and criminal records
  • Have competed Grade 12 or equivalent
  • Follow written and oral instructions in English; complete written forms and documents in English


Location Maple Ridge, British Columbia
Compensation/Pay Rate
Contact Information

Wetdown Water Services

20230 113B Ave,

Maple Ridge, BC


Contact Email wetdown@atlasg.net
Website atlasg.net
Post date May 02, 2023
Application Deadline June 16, 2023