Change to ICBC Collection Process for Prorate Licensing Fees

Posted on Mon, 2017-10-16 14:40

Earlier in October, ICBC notified brokers and motor carriers it would be changing its current timeline for collecting payment for prorate licensing fees, from allowing a seven day grace period to pay a prorate invoice when purchasing or renewing insurance to requiring payment beforehand. The change is effective Monday, January 1, 2018.

ICBC notified brokers about this change on October 4, 2017, and sent letters to carriers with prorate licenses on October 10. According to both notices, ICBC is making this change to align the licensing process in BC with other International Registration Plan member jurisdictions. The main points covered in the notice to carriers include:

  • Starting January 1, 2018, ICBC will require payment of prorate licensing fees before ICBC can issue proof of licence and insurance for a prorate licensed vehicle.
  • If you need to operate a prorate licensed vehicle before you are able to remit payment for the prorate licensing fees, you may purchase travel permits for each jurisdiction you need to operate in.
  • When you receive an IRP invoice from your broker, you may remit payment to either the broker or ICBC’s Prorate department directly.
  • ICBC accepts the following payment methods: credit card, cheque, wire transfer, money order, internet banking, broker cheque or bank draft.

The letter includes instructions for internet banking and wire transfers. Click here for a copy. 

ICBC notified BCTA ahead of the announcement, commenting that although the payment process will change, it reflects an existing payment policy ICBC has previously chosen not to enforce. Nevertheless, BCTA appreciates that the change in payment process may affect members who operate prorate vehicles. If you have comments about this change, please contact BCTA Policy Director, Cory Paterson, at 604-888-5319 or (toll-free in BC) 1-800-565-2282, ext. 211, or We look forward to your input.

Note: The original version of this article referred specifically to the requirement for prior payment for renewing insurance, when in fact ICBC requires payment prior to all licensing transactions, including for new plates. BCTA apologizes for any confusion the reference to "renewals" may have caused.