Take Care Out There: Operation Safe Driver Week

Posted on Fri, 2017-10-06 14:57

Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance’s annual Operation Safe Driver Week, taking place from October 15 to 21, 2017, will see law enforcement agencies engaging in heightened traffic safety enforcement and educational outreach, identifying and issuing warnings and/or citations to commercial motor vehicle and passenger vehicle drivers who exhibit unsafe driving behaviors on the road.

Among others, examples of dangerous driver behaviours that enforcement personnel will be tracking throughout Operation Safe Driver Week are:

  • speeding,
  • distracted driving,
  • texting,
  • failure to use a seatbelt,
  • traveling too closely,
  • improper lane change, and
  • failure to obey traffic control devices.

Unsafe driver behaviours like these by drivers of both commercial and passenger vehicles continue to be the leading cause of crashes. The US Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s “Large Truck Crash Causation Study” cites driver behaviour as the critical reason for more than 88 percent of large truck crashes and 93 percent of passenger vehicle crashes.

In 2016, safety enforcement officials issued warnings or citations to 20,648 commercial vehicle drivers and passenger vehicle drivers for unsafe driving behaviors - 19,657 in the US and 991 in Canada. The top violation for commercial vehicle drivers was contravening state or local laws, the second was speeding. For passenger car drivers, the top violation was speeding, with contravening state/local laws second. For CVSA’s charts of the violations for each driver group for 2016, click here.

Be Truck Aware This year, BCTA has been working with an alliance of organizations promoting increased awareness of the need for passenger vehicle drivers to better understand how to drive safely around commercial vehicles, focusing on the need to give trucks space. The Be Truck Aware campaign launches on October 17, during Operation Safe Driver Week, and continues for the month of October. Please watch next week’s Bulletin for a dedicated article on this campaign.

For additional details on Operation Safe Driver Week, visit cvsa.org

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