Granville Bridge Now a “Limited-use” Truck Route

Posted on Mon, 2016-05-09 15:15

The City of Vancouver has designated the Granville Bridge a “limited-use” truck route for straight trucks of up to three axles thanks to BCTA advocacy in response to anticipated traffic disruption caused by the Burrard Corridor Infrastructure Upgrade downtown.

The City began upgrading the Burrard corridor, including the Burrard Bridge, in February and expects to complete the project in late 2017. The project requires lane closures (one lane open in each direction on the bridge during the week) and some full road closures on the corridor on weekends. Because Burrard Street and the bridge are part of the Vancouver truck route, BCTA has been working with the City to establish mitigation strategies since summer 2015, providing members with an opportunity to comment about the impact of the Corridor Upgrade in February 2016.

The City is now in the process of updating the truck route map to include the Granville Bridge as well as Seymour Street and Howe Street to Nelson Street. It is also updating its Vancouver Truck Route and Truck Areas brochure with guidelines for trucks using the bridge. BCTA received an advance copy of this brochure for feedback, and we have permission to share the DRAFT with members; we’ll provide a final version in a future Bulletin, as well as a new version of the truck route map showing the changes. Please consult the brochure for important details regarding vehicle weights and dimensions as well as restrictions regarding larger trucks and combinations (tractor-trailer combinations are not allowed).

As always, trucks operating within the green shaded area of the current truck route map may travel on any route as long as their overall length is less than 15.25 m.

Members can stay abreast of updates on the Burrard Corridor Infrastructure Upgrade by signing up for notices on the project webpage (scroll down to the bottom of the page). You can also view progress via the traffic camera at the Burrard and the Pacific intersection.

For background please see:

Note: Motor coaches have been able to access the Granville Bridge, Seymour Street and Howe Street to Nelson Street since January 2016. See this Bulletin article for details (and note the warning that the designation only applies to buses and not trucks no longer applies to straight trucks).