Verifying Drivers’ HOS Compliance via Electronic Devices: To Print or Not to Print

Posted on Mon, 2015-09-28 16:09

Guardian, 3rd Quarter 2015. Provided with permission from the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance.

Here is a timely article explaining when US regulations require drivers using electronic devices to record hours of service need to provide a print out of their records of duty status and when they don’t.

Written for roadside inspectors, the article is valuable for drivers in clarifying what’s required, especially for those occasions when interpretations of the related guidance might be in dispute. Given that different devices have different printing requirements, it’s not surprising that there might be confusion at roadside during an inspection.

There are three main points to remember:

  1. Whether the device is an automatic on-board recording device (AOBRD) or an electronic on-board recording device (EOBR) or other computer, tablet or phone installed with logging software and applications, the device must record required HOS details and be able to produce these upon demand for an inspector (either via electronic display or a printout).

  2. An inspector may request a printed record of duty status if he or she can’t verify compliance with the HOS from viewing the device’s display screen.

  3. Drivers who use logging software and applications without electronic signature capabilities to record their HOS must have their previous seven days of record of duty status printed, signed and in their possession during roadside inspections.

For a detailed explanation of what an inspector is looking for, please read the full article:

You may want to share this article with your drivers and/or owner-operators for the convenient table indicating requirements for printouts.

As background, the US Federal Register (CFR 49) includes two sections listing specific requirements for AOBRDs and EOBRs, linked for you separately below:

There are no requirements yet specifically for electronic logging devices, but these will be available once the final US ELD rule is published at the end of October.

With thanks to the CVSA Guardian magazine for permission to share. BCTA is an associate member of CVSA.

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