IRP Registration & Full Reciprocity for Charter Buses

Posted on Thu, 2015-05-28 16:00

Inter-jurisdictional motor coach companies offering charter services are reminded of the upcoming requirement to register under the International Registration Plan by January 1, 2016, or to be prepared to purchase trip permits for each jurisdiction visited as of that date. BCTA can also now confirm the method for calculating pro-rate fees for first-time IRP registrants.

ICBC sent out a reminder to motor coach companies regarding IRP registration on May 25, 2015 by mail. Charter buses are now considered apportionable vehicles following a vote by jurisdictions in the International Registration Plan, Inc., to remove a previous exemption in August 2014, a position BCTA opposed. Although some impacts for inter-jurisdictional motor coach companies are negative, IRP registrants receive Full Reciprocity, meaning there is no need to purchase individual trip permits for travel to all participating jurisdictions or to identify those jurisdictions in advance of travel, making trip planning easier.

Of note for first-time registrants: ICBC has confirmed an IRP ruling that applicants must provide International Fuel Tax Agreement distance records for the preceding year, if they have them, rather than using the Average Per Vehicle Distance Chart to calculate pro-rate fees. IFTA is a multi-jurisdictional agreement that establishes a single system for administering and collecting fuel taxes from inter-jurisdictional carriers (BC-based carriers register for IFTA with ICBC). Carriers that do not have IFTA records may use the APVD Chart to calculate fees.  (Carriers registering for pro-rate plates will also need to join IFTA if they are not already participants.)

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