CVSE Releases New Vehicle Inspection Manual

Posted on Thu, 2010-09-02 16:10

The Commercial Vehicle Safety and Enforcement (CVSE) branch of the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure (MoTI) has released a revised version of its Vehicle Inspection Manual with up-to-date inspection criteria that outline the minimum mechanical standards that vehicles must meet to operate on-highway in BC, effective August 30, 2010.

CVSE will provide a 45-day transition period to October 15, 2010, to ensure ample opportunity for all facility operators and authorized inspectors to obtain and familiarize themselves with the new requirements and inspection criteria. Full enforcement will begin following this transition period.

Other available policy documents associated with the Vehicle Inspection Manual include the Vehicle Inspection Guide and the Inspection & Approval Protocol for Vehicle Lights, Lamps and Reflectors. These documents are available through the Queen’s Printer of BC at

In addition, CVSE provided notice in a compliance circular that it had made significant changes to the Motor Vehicle Act (MVA) and the Motor Vehicle Act Regulations (MVAR), in order to provide enhanced authority for CVSE to impose conditions and set terms for Designated Inspection Facilities (DIR) licences and to cancel the authorization for Authorized Inspectors (AI) who are found to be in contravention of vehicle inspection program policies or MVAR requirements. (For more information, see CVSE’s Compliance Circular No. 05/10.  Information on periodic inspection of facilities is also available on CVSE’s website.) 

These changes implement a recommendation for more stringent oversight of DIFs made by the Truck Compliance Advisory Panel in 2009. BCTA President & CEO Paul Landry served on the Panel, and Transportation and Infrastructure Minister Shirley Bond announced that MoTI would be implementing this and other Panel recommendations at BCTA’s Management Conference on June 12, 2010. 

For background information, see the June 17, 2010, Bulletin article, “Good News for Trucking in MoTI Announcements at BCTA Conference.”

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